our story

Elle and Mane is rooted in a love for skincare, and self-care. We believe that all the work that goes into creating your face masks, body oils, beard oils and salt soaks should be well intentioned, handmade and ethical. All Elle and Mane products are handcrafted, with natural ingredients, free of synthetics, fragrances and harmful chemical toxins and preservatives.

Elle and Mane started in 2016, when I was looking for a longer lasting solution to my extremely dry skin. The traditional body oils and lotions I was using were not doing enough to alleviate dryness, and help my skin feel healthy and nourished. Being a skin-care addict and master ‘concoctioneur’ ever since I was little; I started experimenting and made my own whipped body butter. Pretty soon, my wife started using it, and friends were offering to buy it.

It was more than just making stuff in my kitchen and selling it to family and friends. My passion was turning into something that the general public would love to use. What followed was months of researching, making, testing, cancelling and starting over. Some products took years to perfect the recipe, each ingredient carefully selected and formulated for a purpose, maintaining our stance for having every ingredient be an active ingredient. I truly love formulating skin care products, but I also love being the graphic designer, labeller, accountant, photographer, handler and receiver, social media coordinator, and mom.

Some things that are important to us

We will never co-opt and sell those products/ingredients that are seen and believed to be a vital thread of other cultures, such as smudge bundles, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, unless there is a mutual benefit and permission granted from said groups.  

All of our ingredients are sustainable sourced, organic whenever possible, non-gmo and not tested on animals. 

Thank you for stopping by, I truly hope you like it here, and I hope you find that solution for your skin that I was looking for when all this started.