Aromatherapy Roller Blends

Aromatherapy Roller Blends

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10 mL | 0.3 fl.oz

fragrance + aromatherapy

introducing our fall/winter collection of essential oil and absolute blends. Harmony, Spirit and Muse were created to perform double duty as fragrances and aromatherapy pulse point treatments.

Made to indulge the senses + heal the soul


for creativity + focus + memory

rosemary is a natural memory booster, while peppermint is nature’s muse, known for promoting mental clarity and creativity, while bergamot boosts energy and enhances focus.

ingredients: MCT (fractionated coconut oil), organic essential oils of rosemary and japanese peppermint, bergamot oil


for sleep + anxiety + stress

a ‘harmonious’ blend of lavender, rose geranium and frankincense to encourage calm and promote sleep.

ingredients: MCT (fractionated coconut oil) organic essential oils of lavender, rose geranium and frankincense.


for mood + nerves + tension

a simple blend of palmarosa, jasmine and sandalwood to soothe your spirit and reduce nervous tension and improve mood.

ingredients: MCT (fractionated coconut oil), organic palmarosa oil, jojoba oil, jasmine and sandalwood absolutes

note: Spirit contains jojoba oil (used to dilute our jasmine and sandalwood absolutes) which is not present on the ingredient list on the rollerball. The ingredient list will be updated once we use up the labels.

how to use

apply to specific pulse points for maximum benefits, use as much as is needed. works well as a natural fragrance.

comes in a clear glass bottle with a silver metallic rollerball + gold cap

Please do a patch test prior to full use. Discontinue using if irritation occurs.

We are committed to creating products that are 100% natural, with ingredients and packaging that are sustainable and kind to the environment. We are happy to provide packaging that is reusable and recyclable.

made in small batches in toronto, canada

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