Rose Quartz Face Massager

Rose Quartz Face Massager


New for 2019

The use of crystals in beauty and skincare, specifically rose quartz and jade, is not new. This practice is native to many ancient cultures, who have been using crystals in beauty, healing, and body wear for centuries.

rose quartz is considered the stone of universal love, and is believed to be instrumental in helping to clear the heart chakra.

used in beauty and skin care, the rose quartz roller is used to

• clear toxins from the body

• reduce the appearance of dark circles

• assist in lymphatic drainage, thereby reducing redness and puffiness

• improve the skin’s elasticity

for use

while rose quartz is a naturally colder crystal, placing/storing your roller in the refrigerator before use helps to increase the benefits for reducing puffiness and redness.

After you have cleansed and toned, the roller works best with a moisturizer and/or serum because it helps it to absorb better into the skin. Apply your serum/moisturizer/beauty elixir and then use your roller, slowly, and in an upward and outward motion on your face, and in a downward motion on your neck. Use the smaller end for under eyes.

comes in a white box

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